Going to get your eyebrows waxed is a genuinely thoughtless encounter. All you’ve gotta do is tell your waxer what you need, at that point sit back, unwind, and muscle through the torment for like, six minutes, before the whole thing is finished and you’re on your joyful way. There’s truly nothing to consider with the exception of whether you need to decide on an extra lip wax, and what sort of tidbit you’re going to get yourself after the arrangement… isn’t that so? All things considered, not actually. There is really one thing that ought to be top of mind that you most likely haven’t considered, and that is your healthy skin schedule.

“Numerous individuals commit the error of not contemplating how their skin type and healthy skin routine can influence their forehead forming knowledge,” says VIP eyebrow craftsman Robin Evans. A few fixings that raise a warning? Retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids, which can make skin increasingly touchy and change the manner in which it responds to the wax. “I do a verbal conference with my new customers, to check whether they’re utilizing Retin-An or Differin (both are retinoids), AHAs, or have as of late had strips, so I can choose in the event that I should be progressively cautious with the waxing—or not wax by any stretch of the imagination,” says Evans.

These items make skin progressively delicate, which implies that, notwithstanding tearing out your forehead hair, the wax could likewise remove some skin. “Retinoids decline the thickness of the stratum corneum which is the peripheral layer of the skin,” clarifies board-guaranteed dermatologist Tiffany L. Dirt, MD. “On the off chance that you are feeling the loss of a portion of this defensive layer, your skin might be harmed by the waxing procedure. You may get a consume or the wax may detach a portion of the skin, which can prompt scarring.”

She says that halting retinoids before having facial hair waxed is “required,” and proposes doing so seven days before your arrangement. “Quite possibly you might be sheltered on the off chance that you quit utilizing the retinoid two to five days earlier however I don’t believe it merits going for broke,” she includes. She additionally prescribes laying off of glycolic corrosive and lactic corrosive two to five days before waxing, as well.

That being stated, any potential response you may have relies upon the quality of the actives you’re utilizing and how touchy your skin is, so consistently make a point to talk about your everyday practice with your waxer—or even better, approach them for a fix test—before they bet everything with their products. In the event that all looks great afterward, you ought to be fine to return to utilizing your full healthy skin routine, until seven days before your next arrangement, that is.