I never thought I’d state this in all my years, yet I’m enamored with a couple of trail tennis shoes. Without a doubt, I realize that gorpcore is ascending to at no other time seen statures, with Balenciaga sending puffer coats down the runway, Tevas overwhelming as the shoe of the late spring, and climbing boots transforming into “adorable” footwear. It’s peculiar to me, however oh—that is the means by which style patterns work, I assume.

Turns out I’ve been subliminally drinking the juice, in light of the fact that these trail shoes—the new Hoka x Xterra Torrent ($130)— are never under any circumstance leaving my feet. This makes me raise an eyebrow in absolute disarray, since trail tennis shoes are about the hold, commonly have a firm development, and are normally work over style.

Not these infants: The Torrent arrives in a disguise print, which is very chic. In case you’re not into the exemplary green with a lime green sole, they additionally have a dark toned camo print with a splendid red sole. The shape is unique in relation to your run of the mill outdated trail shoes: They’re streamlined, and are trail tennis shoes spruced up like athleisure’s ideal.

While some may shake their heads at the intrigue of camo print, I hear you—however it’s been springing up cleverly over the previous year or so on activewear and, well, everything. So while my sister inquired as to whether I was going chasing, realize that the print is polished and demonstrative of the real reason for the shoe. “The camo ground of the tennis shoe was propelled by the landscape of our races,” says Chris Manley, head of marketing for Xterra. “It’s reminiscent of the toughness of the land and common components.”

So while they’re without a doubt helpful and incredible for ascending mountains or climbing trails, these tennis shoes are ideal for any event that includes going some place and expecting to look charming. Think of me as a newly discovered gorpcore enthusiast.