Strolling into New York’s Dogpound wellness studio, doubtlessly that you’re going to put in work. There’s a tremendous dark tire outside coaxing for you to flip it over (like supermodel Ashley Graham does on the reg), a boxing ring, strike bicycles (which make me tremble in dread), a weighted sled implied for pushing down the road (easygoing), and weight machines aplenty.

It’s known as a hotspot for supermodels to get their exercises in at, but at the same time it’s only a great spot to HIIT it out until you truly drop. What’s more, that is definitely what I did there at the beginning of today: After pushing through various stations in which I did everything referenced above (and a mess more), I came up to the “lower body” segment. The two mentors had me do obstruction band butt stuff, clamshells, weighted squats and bow thrusts… and after that completion things off with an extremely hard plyometric combo move that is essentially my two least most loved activities consolidated.

The move being referred to? Hop lurches into-bounce squats, no standing up permitted. “The bounce jump squat combo is an extraordinary powerful development to bring your pulse up,” says Rhys Athayde, establishing coach of Dogpound. “It assists with quad, hamstring, and glute improvement just as focuses on the hip flexors and calves.” The reason you need to remain low, which makes it considerably harder? “By remaining low, your lower body remains in a consistent condition of pressure which consumes more calories and expands your solid continuance,” he clarifies.

After only 15 seconds, I was biting the dust—my legs and butt were ablaze, and I was totally winded and simply pondering how I needed to savasana so hard. But… I had 15 additional seconds (that was only one round of them however, and obviously there were more). Allows simply state my legs are going to feel like jam for some time. Watch the move in real life beneath.